Preparing for Placement

Placement is a collaborative effort and we want to work with you to ensure successful placement opportunities for you and our students.

The following videos will give you an overview of roles and responsibilities we each have as cooperative partners to begin student placements.


What are some of your responsibilities as an Agency?

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What can you expect from students on Placement?

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What support can you expect from the College?

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Getting Started

Now that you understand your basic roles and those of the student and College, let us help you become a partner to support a placement opportunity.

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New Agency

Welcome! Becoming a new placement partner with St. Lawrence College is easy!

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Returning Agency

Welcome back! You have partnered with us before and let’s get you started again!

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The steps below will summarize the process on how to get started as a Placement Agency with SLC


Making the Connection

  • You can start by contacting the Manager, Student Placement Program ( to determine what programs can help support your placement request.
  • The Manager of Student Placement Program will connect you with the appropriate College Placement Representative (CPR), who will help you determine if a placement can be initiated.

Preparing for Placement

  • Once we determine if a pairing can be made between your agency and one of our students, the College Placement Representative will provide you with the necessary program information and coordinating additional needs to support the placement. This may include setting up an advanced meeting with the student if necessary.
  • The College Placement Representative will also provide all necessary documentation to begin the placement, including a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
  • It is mandatory for you to read, sign and return a copy of the MOA to the College before placement can commence.
  • You will need to consider how to provide orientation for the student to begin their placement – we can provide some ideas on that (see below).
  • You will also be responsible for any additional agency specific training requirements for students while on placement with your organization.
  • Please contact the Manager of the Student Placement Program if you would like support in any of these areas or more individualized training suggestions.

During Placement

  • There are many areas of interest that can support you and the student during your time together, please see our “What you need to know!” section below for additional information and details.
  • You are always welcome at any time to contact your College Placement Representative or the Manager of the Student Placement Program for more details.

Returning Agency Only

  • If you already have an existing MOA in place with the College and you have agreed to support another student, we will send you a renewal letter to set up the new placement requirements.
  • Please contact your existing College Placement Representative or Placement Clerk for more details.
  • Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) are not required to be re-signed each year for each placement unless otherwise indicated.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact the Manager of the Student Placement Program (

What You Need to Know

The following section provides important information you need to know to support you and your team and to enhance student success during placement.

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Supporting the Student

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Safety Training & Prevention

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Police Checks & Immunization

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Special Circumstance Reporting

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Reporting a Safety Incident

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Insurance Coverage

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